"You can make a picture pretty, but if it doesn't mean anything, it is kind of worthless." 
-Mike Rogers

My name is Emily Rogers.

I am a capturer of emotions, a preserver of memories, and a teller of stories - YOUR homegrown love story...I'm a photographer. I love meeting couples and families who are in love and aren't afraid to show it. I want to have fun and get to know you at your session. I want to make silly faces with your kids. I want to see you laugh at my husband's 'punny' dad jokes. I want to capture images that can make you cry now and again 20 years down the road. I want to help you remember why you fell in love with your significant other. I want you to see yourself as beautiful, just how God made you. I want to help you forever remember what it felt like to love and be loved at this time in your life.

"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19


I am a 20-something-year-old readheaded photographer located in the southwest Virginia. I'm a daughter of Christ, redeemed by His saving grace. I am a wife to my handsome redbearded Hubs - Mike. I'm a mama to our sweet little strawberry blonde lady - Ellie. Mike and I are also youth pastors at LCF Church here in Lebanon. I am a farm girl through and through and despite living in a few different states/cities (and even Lima, Peru!) during my college years, I love living in southwest Virginia and can't stay away! I absolutely love getting to become friends with my clients and traveling all around to capture stories of love! I am a huge fan of cooking and baking - I have a major sweet tooth. I finally get to have my own full-size garden; it's awesome growing our own fruits and veggies! I have been on 11 overseas mission trips to 5 different countries and I look forward to going again [FYI, 10% of all my profits go to support overseas missionaries]. I love all things birth and babies! In fact, my gal was born at home ...you can read about that here.

I can't wait to get to know you! Send me a message today so we can chat about your session or wedding! 

p.s.- can you tell that I like hay bales? It's basically become tradition to do photos on hay bales. We did it for our wedding, a quick mini session a friend did last winter, and now these. #farmgirl


 Photo Credit: Anna Hedges Photography

Photo Credit: Anna Hedges Photography