The Baileys | An Abingdon, VA Beloved Maternity Session

So y'all, I'm just gonna let you know that the next few posts are all going to be about Baileys. You see, I just can't get enough of the Baileys. ;]

This is Caitlin + Tyler.

I photographed their wedding about 2 years ago. (And yes, the previous post is about Tyler's brother and his family) I love these two a whole bunch! When I found out Caitlin was pregnant I was over the moon excited for them and when she asked me to photograph their Birth Story I think I about died of excitement!

This past Saturday, very early in the morning, before the sun was even awake, their baby boy made his grand arrival! Before I share their Birth Story, I wanted to share some of my favorites from their mini maternity session. These are always some of my favorite sessions. I love working with married couples who are expecting their first baby. It's so fun to see them snuggle, talk, and dream about this new little one who is about to join their family! Anyway, I will save the talking for their Birth Story and let these photos do the talking! 


Jordan + Heather | A Sunset Maternity Session in Southwest Virginia

Over the past couple years Heather and Jordan have become good friends. You see, Heather was my neighbor growing up but she was homeschooled so we never knew each other. We both went off to college at Liberty University, still not knowing each other. My dad ran into her dad one day and they realized we were both at LU. So dad told me about this girl named Heather from Lebanon who was at Liberty. Lo and behold we were in the same Philosophy 101 class together. Who would have ever guessed?! We became casual friends but we didn't have any classes together after that then I went to Peru. A couple years went by and I saw that Heather got engaged to this photographer guy, Jordan. My first thought....I hope they don't move to Lebanon because I don't need the competitiion. Haha! A few months later I get a call from Heather + Jordan's wedding photographer (Jen Beeson) saying she was in need of a second shooter for their wedding (long story...)! I was 6.5 months pregnant but I said yes and two days later I showed up at Ellenbrook in Elk Garden ready to photograph their wedding! Really it was that day that began our friendship. I've loved getting to know them! Photography is obviously a big part of our friendship but things like loving Jesus, enjoying good food, loving SWVA, and traveling adds so much to it! 

Fast forward 2 years and now these two are expecting their first little baby! Jordan + Heather were in town visiting family for the weekend so we had a spontaneous little beloved maternity session to document such an exciting time in their lives! (Jordan also brought along a fun little trinket called a prism so I got to try it and get some neat, creative shots!) Guys, I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl in a few weeks! I know you all will be amazing parents and that you'll raise her up to love God and to love people! You both are so sweet and so full of joy so I have no doubt that she will be the same way!


Addie + Reece | A Beloved Proposal in Roanoke, VA

A couple weeks ago I got a call that started out a little strange.

"Hi Emily, I have something I need you to photograph but no one can know about it."

Really that can only mean one thing...PROPOSAL!! Guys, I love telling love stories! I've said it a million times and I don't care. Love is beautiful in all stages of life but there is just something so beautiful and special and exciting about a proposal! I get there early, scope out the area, then sit in my hiding spot until just the right moment--heart pounding out of my chest with excitement!! Ok, ok, you get the picture! Now back to the story. 

So I was talking to Addie's mom, on behalf of Reece. She filled me on all of his elaborate plans, gave me the date, and things were ready! She also sent me Reece's number so we could begin all of our last minute planning and so he could keep me in the loop on their ETA the day of.

Sunday, June 12th rolled around. After church, Mike, Ellie, and I (+ Mike's friend who was tagging along) grabbed a quick bite to eat then hit the road to Roanoke, VA! After 2.5 hours on the road we pulled into Downtown Roanoke and explored a bit. We ate some tasty pizza at Fork in the Square, grabbed my gear from the car, and headed up to the rooftop of Center in the Square. I'd only seen a few photos online so I was already excited to do a rooftop session in such a beautiful venue but WOW it was even better in person! After I checked it all out and found a good hiding spot I sent my crew off to go check out the aquariums so the waiting could begin. About 10 minutes later I got the text..."heading up"...ahhh! 

Reece + Addie walked out of the elevator on the 7th floor landing and walked around to the platform overlooking all the city. I quickly scurried around making sure I was perfectly out of eyesight but still able to get the best shots. And so it began! As they were looking out over the city I could see Reece trying to find the right moment. He grabbed Addie's hands with a smile on his face. After telling her all sorts of sweet stuff (I assume ;) ) he reached into his pocket for something special and got down on one knee to ask his girl a very important question...

She said yes!! Congrats you guys! Yesterday couldn't have been more beautiful for the two of you! Reece, thank you for asking me to capture such an exciting moment in your lives! I can't tell you how honored I am to be in on the secret plans for Addie! =]


And now, here's that special moment for you to relive all over again!!...and share with all of your family + friends!