The Baileys | An Abingdon, VA Beloved Maternity Session

So y'all, I'm just gonna let you know that the next few posts are all going to be about Baileys. You see, I just can't get enough of the Baileys. ;]

This is Caitlin + Tyler.

I photographed their wedding about 2 years ago. (And yes, the previous post is about Tyler's brother and his family) I love these two a whole bunch! When I found out Caitlin was pregnant I was over the moon excited for them and when she asked me to photograph their Birth Story I think I about died of excitement!

This past Saturday, very early in the morning, before the sun was even awake, their baby boy made his grand arrival! Before I share their Birth Story, I wanted to share some of my favorites from their mini maternity session. These are always some of my favorite sessions. I love working with married couples who are expecting their first baby. It's so fun to see them snuggle, talk, and dream about this new little one who is about to join their family! Anyway, I will save the talking for their Birth Story and let these photos do the talking! 


The Baileys | A Tennessee Family + Newborn Session

A Homegrown Love Story

I've known this sweet little family for a few years now, ever since Zac's brother got married! They are the kind of people you just enjoy being around because they are so kind and sweet. I actually had the privilege of doing maternity photos for them when they were expecting their first baby boy so it was so exciting when Bri contacted me to tell their Birth Story for baby boy #2! 

On a very cold, windy February day we met up with maternity photos and talk details for the birth that was a few weeks away. (side note: I promise to go back and share some of their maternity session soon!) Little did we know that we would have fewer weeks that expected! Their little guy decided to make his grand arrival 3 weeks early. Unfortunately it also happened to be while I was in Texas photographing a wedding. I got Bri's text saying her water broke as I was walking to the car moments after hugging the bride + groom. I could have about cried! Thankfully Sara Parker (Sara Parker Photography) was able to fill in for me and did a wonderful job!

So that brings us to the newborn session. We had a perfectly springy day, with just the right amount of sunshine streaming into the windows of Zac and Bri's house. I loved getting to meet Grey and to get in a few baby snuggles. Also, Ellie (and Mike) tagged along so she had a blast playing with Rhett! Zac and Bri, thanks again for inviting me into your home and trusting me with your special memories! You guys are wonderful and I hope you treasure these images for years to come. 


Father's Day 2016

This year for Father's Day I decided to go back through all of my photos from the past few months and find my favorites of my favorite three guys...Mike, my dad, and Popaw. These three mean the world to me. They each are so special to me and each have made me a better person over the years. They all love Jesus and they are all such hard workers. 

To my daddy, I will always be your little girl even now that I'm grown up. You have taught me so many things. I know that I get my drive to work hard and run my own business from you. We have the same competitive spirit when it comes to games. I think you won't play Catan because you're afraid I'll beat you! ;] You've taught me to always tithe my money and to give back to Jesus. Thanks for always teaching me to love Jesus, to put Him first, and to marry a man who love Jesus. And thanks for letting me go to the Honor Academy + all those mission changed my life. (Without it I wouldn't have married Mike.) Sometimes I miss being little and going to feed the cows with you in the mornings but I know that soon Ellie will get to go with you and make those memories too. Now that you're Pap, I get to see you love my little girl so much. She already loves checking the cows and chickens with you. You've taught her to swing like a big girl. She loves to give you kisses and squeeze your neck. =] You're the greatest Pap and we love you!

To my Popaw, my best buddy. You've taught me everything I know about gardening and I'm determined to have my garden look as nice as yours one day. I'm so thankful for all the crazy projects you've helped me with and the things you've helped me build (namely my bed and several tables). All the games we've played, the cookies we baked, and the nights I spent with you and Mimi will forever be engrained in my mind. I know Ellie is crazy about you and will get to make all sorts of fun memories with you too. She already loves you so very much and has special things you does with only you (sitting on your stumps under the tree). Thanks for always being there for us. We love you!

To Mike, my Hubs, and Ellie's Daddy, you are my #1. I know we've only been married for about 3 years but I am so thankful for you. Life is so fun by your side. I have loved watching you grow as a man as you've grown as a dad. It really makes me fall even more in love with you. Ellie is crazy about you! She gets so excited to see you when you come home from work and she boo-hoos when you go back after lunch. She loves when you put her on your shoulders and fun around the yard! She adores playing games with you and reading books together. We love cuddling with you and being silly and having fun together. You're the very best fella God could have given us. xoxo

The Williams | Beloved Family Session in Southwest Virginia

I apologize in advance because this is going to be a long one. When you photograph 24 people AND it's your pastor's family (who you've known for almost 24 years) it's bound to happen!

My parents started going to LCF Church when I was 2. At the time it was the new church on the block. We met in the old Rainbow Bread store until we outgrew it and built the building where we are located now, right in the middle of town. LCF has grown quite a bit since then and I think we may be the biggest church in town. Through the years Jeff and Peggy have been such great leaders for our church, pouring out their hearts and the love of Jesus into the church and the community. It's been cool to see their family grow too. They have four girls who are each married now and they all have a bunch of kiddos! So needless to say it was wild photographing this big bunch! 

As many of you know Jeff is battling cancer. This fall he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon and liver cancer. God has been so faithful in it all! Through a wild series of events Jeff is now clear of the colon cancer thanks to God's working! He is still fighting the liver cancer so if you think of him, be praying for him! Also pray for strength for Peggy and the rest of their family. Being sick isn't exactly enjoyable and it can take a toll emotionally so pray that God continues healing Jeff and comforting all 24 of this clan! They have been faithful to God in everything they do and I know I speak for everyone at LCF when I say God is going to use this to bring people to Him!

Jeff and Peggy, thanks for everything you do for LCF and Lebanon/southwest Virginia. You guys are loved by so many people!

And now that I've gotten all mushy on you, here are some photos of the Williams Clan! Be sure to leave them some encouragement at the bottom in the comment section!!

See, told you they have a big family?! It was 30 degrees and super windy the day we took these so it was a miracle that I got all 24 looking at the camera!

McKinlee Jane | The Birth Story

On Saturday morning, December 12, I woke up at 5:25 a.m. to my phone buzzing. Normally, I sleep like a rock, but the day before, I got a very exciting text saying that Cala was having contractions; so when the phone buzzed I was already expecting "the call." I answered quietly so I wouldn't wake up Mike and Ellie. I was greeted with a very perky, "Hey Emily! How ya doing? You ready to take some pictures?!" Cala's husband, Todd, works with my husband so I have gotten to know these two fairly well this past year. I laughed to myself at how awake and happy he sounded. He's a pretty goodnatured guy, always cracking jokes so even from that first call I knew he would make the day fun.

Todd gave me the lowdown on Cala's progress (she was at 4cm) and I said to call me when they checked her again and I would head over to the hospital. Just 20 minutes later I got another call saying she was already to 6cm! I jumped out of bed to get dressed as fast as possible. I grabbed all of my bags, my breakfast, and some snacks and hit the road. I arrived at Johnson Memorial Hospital before the sun was even up and I headed in to start capturing an already beautiful day.

Everything about the day was sweet and full of excitement and love. Cala chatted with her family who occasionally popped in to check on her while Todd took turns loving on Cala and telling nonsensical jokes. When McKinlee decided she was ready to make her grand entrance the room came abuzz with the most wonderful group of nurses and Cala's doctor. Now secretly Cala and I made a bet that Todd would boo-hoo like a baby when the baby was born (it wasn't really a bet since no one was betting against us though) so I knew to be ready with my camera on him to capture his reaction. Well, you'll just have to watch and see what happened. It was beautiful!

Todd + Cala, thank you so much welcoming me into your life as a friend and allowing me to capture such a special day in the life of your family. Your sweet girl is so beautiful and I am so so honored to have been there. Love you guys! 


Be sure to hop over and see their Beloved Maternity session and then check back in a week or so for their Newborn session!