The Baileys | An Abingdon, VA Beloved Maternity Session

I photographed their wedding about 2 years ago. (And yes, the previous post is about Tyler's brother and his family) I love these two a whole bunch! When I found out Caitlin was pregnant I was over the moon excited for them and when she asked me to photograph their Birth Story I think I about died of excitement!

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Jordan + Heather | A Sunset Maternity Session in Southwest Virginia

Over the past couple years Heather and Jordan have become good friends. You see, Heather was my neighbor growing up but she was homeschooled so we never knew each other. We both went off to college at Liberty University, still not knowing each other. My dad ran into her dad one day and they realized we were both at LU. So dad told me about this girl named Heather from Lebanon who was at Liberty. Lo and behold we were in the same Philosophy 101 class together. Who would have ever guessed?! We became casual friends but we didn't have any classes together after that then I went to Peru. A couple years went by and I saw that Heather got engaged to this photographer guy, Jordan. My first thought....I hope they don't move to Lebanon because I don't need the competitiion. Haha! A few months later I get a call from Heather + Jordan's wedding photographer (Jen Beeson) saying she was in need of a second shooter for their wedding (long story...)! I was 6.5 months pregnant but I said yes and two days later I showed up at Ellenbrook in Elk Garden ready to photograph their wedding! Really it was that day that began our friendship. I've loved getting to know them! Photography is obviously a big part of our friendship but things like loving Jesus, enjoying good food, loving SWVA, and traveling adds so much to it! 

Fast forward 2 years and now these two are expecting their first little baby! Jordan + Heather were in town visiting family for the weekend so we had a spontaneous little beloved maternity session to document such an exciting time in their lives! (Jordan also brought along a fun little trinket called a prism so I got to try it and get some neat, creative shots!) Guys, I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl in a few weeks! I know you all will be amazing parents and that you'll raise her up to love God and to love people! You both are so sweet and so full of joy so I have no doubt that she will be the same way!


Perkins Maternity | Southwest Virginia Family Photographer

A few months ago my husband came home from work with exciting news...his coworker had shared the news that he and his wife were expecting their first baby! I was so excited for them because babies are always wonderful! At this point I hadn't met Cala but I'd seen her photo and thought she looked like she would be sweet. I told Mike, "I really hope they pick me for baby photos." Well, apparantly Mike must've talked me + my work up a lot to Todd because they! Boy am I ever glad! Not only are they cute and going to be such wonderful parents to their baby girl, they're also a ton of fun to hang around with!

Mike is my right hand man during sessions--carrying my gear, helping me swap lenses--and Ellie rides on my back for most of my sessions providing squeals, giggles, smiles, and waves helping get the best smiles out of my clients. Between Mike, Ellie, and Todd, we laughed a ton and had such a great time! Trust me when I say I've never heard so many pun-y jokes in an hour! 

Cala + Todd, I cannot wait to meet your little girl when she arrives in just a few short weeks. Thanks for choosing me as your photographer for such an exciting time! You guys are the best. =]


And now here are a few of my favorites from our session last weekend with the last of all those beautiful colorful leaves...

P.S.- Be sure to make it all the way to the bottom of the post for a bonus photo of Ellie...because she loves all my clients!

Yates Maternity | Southwest Virginia Family Photographer

A few months ago Joanna emailed me saying that she and Josh were expecting their first baby. Having gone to school with Joanna (and Josh too) and knowing her just a little, I was so excited for them! When she asked me about birth photography I was even more excited! For years I have loved birth photography. I always wanted to be a wife + a mom and birth photography just grabbed hold of me long before I would ever shoot my first birth! Joanna said she loved my photography and didn't even question that I hadn't shot a birth before. We set up their maternity session for mid-September and we had absolutely beautiful weather. It was so much fun talking babies and birth and just getting to know one another a little more.

Now Joanna is nearing the home stretch of her pregnancy and I am waiting ever so patiently (sort of ;] ) for "the call" saying they are heading to the hospital. I cannot wait to capture the story of their sweet little boy making his entrance to this world! For now, here's a few of my favorite images from their maternity session! Be sure you check back for their birth story in the coming weeks!

The Baileys | Southwest VA Beloved Maternity Session

Back in the summer I shot a gorgeous wedding at The Barns at Chip Ridge in Abingdon, VA (see it here!). Zac is the brother of the groom so these two love birds were in the bridal party. I had such a great time getting to know Zac and Bri. I was so excited to learn that they were expecting their first sweet baby in January but was so sad that they live too far away for me to do birth photography (to the lucky photographer they chose for birth photos, I'm jealous ;] )!  

Zac + Bri, I am so glad I had the priviledge to get to know you both and capture these sweet moments for you! I hope that these remind you of the love you have for one another as you welcome your new little guy into your family!