Caitlin + Tyler | A Summer Wedding at The Barns at Chip Ridge in Abingdon, VA

Alright y'all, I'm bad at blogging. I mean it's kinda sad because I actually enjoy writing and flipping back through sessions and weddings and reminiscing my favorite moments from the day. I guess I'm just bad at the "making time for blogging" thing. Anyway, so starting today my goal is to blog once or twice every week! I hope you'll follow along! I have so many great love stories to share with you--from weddings to births and lots of Beloved sessions in between--and they all deserve their fair share of attention! 

Today is Friday so in Instagram land that means it's #flashbackfriday so I thought it would be a great day to share my favorite wedding from this past year...and pretty much ever! When I say that Caitlin + Tyler's wedding was a dream to photograph, I'm not kidding. These two are the sweetest people you'll ever meet! Last year I was learning to balance mom life + photographer life and because Ellie was still under a year old, she went to most of my sessions and weddings. Well, let me just say, at Caitlin + Tyler's Beloved session and wedding Ellie just thought they were the greatest because they both played with her and loved on her! They were so wonderful to allow Mike and I to bring Ellie along with us while we photographed the most exciting day of their lives so far!

So now to tell you about this awesome couple and their wedding day....

Saturday morning I woke up to bright blue skies outside with perfect puffy white clouds! I text Caitlin to tell her I was thrilled for the day, that it looked like a beautiful day, and that I'd see her around 1pm. Well, little did I know that it was supposed to rain cats and dogs later that day....oops! By the time I arrived at The Barns at Chip Ridge it was raining pretty steadily and everyone was debating whether to have the ceremony inside or out. I headed upstairs to see Caitlin in curlers hanging out with all her girls and her mom. She was perfectly calm and excited to get married! Even with the crazy rain and moving the ceremony inside, outside, and finally inside at the last minute Caitlin took it all in stride. Only for a few moments did she get a little upset but that's when Ellie came in super handy to provide a much needed distraction and some smiles! ;] See if you can spot Ellie and Caitlin!

The entire day was so so centered around Caitlin and Tyler's love for God and their families. These two are so loved by so many people and it is easy to see why....they are so kind, sweet, and fun to be around! When Mike, Ellie, and I headed home for the night we talked about how we felt so much like family! So Caitlin + Tyler, thank you thank you thank you!! Your wedding was a dream to be a part of! I know I'm 8 months late in blogging it but I want you all to know that Mike and I are so grateful that you allowed us to tell your love story! 


Also, super fast side note....if you are engaged and still looking for a venue, make sure you check out The Barns at Chip Ridge! it is absolutely STUNNING and the owners are amazing to work with. They have truly thought of everything to make your wedding day wonderful! And if you do book them, be sure to let them know I recommended you because we have a special deal for Chip Ridge Brides who book us both! ;]