Heath + Elizabeth | Beloved Proposal

About a month ago my brother told me that one of his closest friends, Heath, was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Elizabeth (EJ to her friends and family).  I had known Heath since we were all just kids so I was super excited! Will asked me to secretly photograph it while he helped set up some details. Heath is currently in training with the U.S. Navy so EJ had her suspicions/hopes that he would propose over Christmas break. 

So back to today. Will was the curve ball to keep EJ from guessing what Heath had planned! The two were going hiking up to the overlook at Hidden Valley Lake then they would come out to the lake and have a fire and just hang out with Will. So around 9:30 this morning Will and I headed up the lake to start a fire. Unfortunately it was very cold and windy and NOTHING wanted to light. Finally, we got a small pile of dried weeds and sticks to stay lit long enough to catch some larger dry wood on fire. About 3 minutes later Heath and EJ pulled up, giving me just a moment to dart into the bushes and grab my camera. Will cleverly offered to grab some blankets from his truck and it gave Heath the moment he had been waiting for...

Congrats Heath + EJ! I'm thrilled for you both!