McKinlee Jane | The Birth Story

On Saturday morning, December 12, I woke up at 5:25 a.m. to my phone buzzing. Normally, I sleep like a rock, but the day before, I got a very exciting text saying that Cala was having contractions; so when the phone buzzed I was already expecting "the call." I answered quietly so I wouldn't wake up Mike and Ellie. I was greeted with a very perky, "Hey Emily! How ya doing? You ready to take some pictures?!" Cala's husband, Todd, works with my husband so I have gotten to know these two fairly well this past year. I laughed to myself at how awake and happy he sounded. He's a pretty goodnatured guy, always cracking jokes so even from that first call I knew he would make the day fun.

Todd gave me the lowdown on Cala's progress (she was at 4cm) and I said to call me when they checked her again and I would head over to the hospital. Just 20 minutes later I got another call saying she was already to 6cm! I jumped out of bed to get dressed as fast as possible. I grabbed all of my bags, my breakfast, and some snacks and hit the road. I arrived at Johnson Memorial Hospital before the sun was even up and I headed in to start capturing an already beautiful day.

Everything about the day was sweet and full of excitement and love. Cala chatted with her family who occasionally popped in to check on her while Todd took turns loving on Cala and telling nonsensical jokes. When McKinlee decided she was ready to make her grand entrance the room came abuzz with the most wonderful group of nurses and Cala's doctor. Now secretly Cala and I made a bet that Todd would boo-hoo like a baby when the baby was born (it wasn't really a bet since no one was betting against us though) so I knew to be ready with my camera on him to capture his reaction. Well, you'll just have to watch and see what happened. It was beautiful!

Todd + Cala, thank you so much welcoming me into your life as a friend and allowing me to capture such a special day in the life of your family. Your sweet girl is so beautiful and I am so so honored to have been there. Love you guys! 


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