Emery Drew | Birth Story

A Homegrown Love Story

Hey again! As you can clearly tell, I did NOT do very well blogging in 2017. I shot so many beautiful weddings, engagements, families, seniors, and births this past year but gosh darn it I am terrible at setting aside time to blog about all of these beautiful Homegrown Love Stories that I get to witness. So, as I've been prepping for 2018 I've decided that I'm going to have to plan to schedule days for blogging! Wish me luck! And I'm not blogging at least 1-2x a month, someone holler at me and kick my booty in gear because I just have too many great love stories to share!

Where to begin? Oh, right, back to the birth story of sweet Emery Drew! It was a rainy May morning when I got the call that it would be the day! I gathered all my things and talked with my mom, making plans to drop Ellie off at her house a little later. Once things finally picked up pace I headed out to BRMC. 

Mary Kate + Jared, thanks for inviting me to be part of such a special day. I hope these images and your video are so treasured and that one day Emery loves seeing the story of her birth day! It was such a joy to be there and celebrate with you and your family!


Beau Steven | Birth Story

A Homegrown Love Story

So I'm back. And this time you better grab your tissues because I have the sweetest birth story.

 I love all births but this one is extra special. You see, Caitlin and Tyler are my first bride and groom to book me for their birth story. I can't really put into words how much it means to me that a couple would continue to trust me again and again with some of the most special memories in their life. It makes them just feel like the sweetest friends. And honestly, these two are so special to Mike and me! They just love Ellie (she even attended their wedding). At their maternity sessions it was just the sweetest thing seeing Tyler play and chase her around with a piece of hay! And after seeing that and the pride on his face right after his baby boy was born, I have no doubt he will be a fantastic dad. And Caitlin, I cried editing this video and the photos because she is so tenderhearted, so full of joy, and motherhood suits her so well! 

I want to give a little back story for you. You may wonder, why did you take a bunch of clips of the rain? Well, on Caitlin and Tyler's wedding day it decided to pour the rain...just like it did the night that Beau was born. I loved it because God orchestrates even the smallest details of our stories! 

Caitlin and Tyler, you guys are awesome and I am so thankful for your friendship! I hope you absolutely treasure these images and video for years to come. I pray that when you watch the video, it takes you right back to that very late night that little (or not so little ;] hehe ) Beau made his grand entrance and you can remember that flood of emotions, the tears rolling down your cheeks, the sweet smell of baby, and how it felt to hold your boy for the very first time as a mama. I love you all!


So grab a tissue and enjoy the birth story of sweet Beau Steven!

Selah Vaile | The Birth Story

I'm back again! And it's with another beautiful birth story!! 

This one is so special to me because Em is one of my closest friends and our friendship actually grew because of our passion for healthy living, organic foods, home/natural birth, and of course, Jesus! Back in the winter I knew Em and Brent had been talking about having a baby...because everybody knew Em was just aching to be a mama...so one Sunday when they both came walking over me at church I instantly knew what they were about to say. It was so exciting to find out they were expecting! Of course this led to even more conversations about babies and birth...and birth photography!

As October rolled around Em and I would talk about how she was feeling and wonder when baby Selah would decide to come. We also talked about her plans for natural birth and what I could do to encourage her. What no one expected was that Em would end up having to be induced due to dangerously high blood pressure and protein in her urine.

On Monday (10/10) Em text me saying she was going to labor and delivery to have her blood pressure monitored because it was high at her appointment. Her doctor explained that they would probably have to induce later in the week but they would make a final decision on Wednesday. We text back and forth the next couple days then Wednesday morning I got the text saying that she was headed to hospital and that things were going to get rolling. I made sure to shower then pack up my gear, a toothbrush, extra clothes, and plenty of snacks before I took care of some family stuff. I dropped Ellie off with my mom and headed on to the hospital. 

It was dark by the time I arrived to the hospital. When I walked into the room Em looked very tired but she was in good spirits. She was surrounded by Brent and their family and the presence of Jesus was strong the room. I fell right into the mix and prayed for Em as I quietly documented this sweet birth story. 

As the night went on, the doctor on call (unfortunately her doctor was unable to be there) was anxious to see progress as Em was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome. Unfortunately things slowed down and the call was made to do a C-section. As nurses and the anesthesiology team prepped Em, I got a quick minute to talk to her doctor about being able to be in the OR. At the last minute he said yes! It was an amazing experience for me but even more than that I am so grateful because through these images, Em was able to see her sweet Selah's entrance into the world despite it being a bit different than she imagined! 

Em and Brent, thank you for being our friends and thank you for letting me be part of Selah's birth day. Mike, Ellie, and I love you guys and are so grateful for your friendship. I hope you always remember how beautiful Selah's birth was, even if it wasn't exactly what you had planned. God is going to use your story in a powerful way. 

And to any other c-section mamas, I hope this encourages you to know that your birth is beautiful no matter how your baby makes his/her arrival! God orchestrates our stories and is weaving a beautiful picture!

So now grab some tissues and watch the beautiful birth story of Selah Vaile!