Jordan + Heather | A Sunset Maternity Session in Southwest Virginia

Over the past couple years Heather and Jordan have become good friends. You see, Heather was my neighbor growing up but she was homeschooled so we never knew each other. We both went off to college at Liberty University, still not knowing each other. My dad ran into her dad one day and they realized we were both at LU. So dad told me about this girl named Heather from Lebanon who was at Liberty. Lo and behold we were in the same Philosophy 101 class together. Who would have ever guessed?! We became casual friends but we didn't have any classes together after that then I went to Peru. A couple years went by and I saw that Heather got engaged to this photographer guy, Jordan. My first thought....I hope they don't move to Lebanon because I don't need the competitiion. Haha! A few months later I get a call from Heather + Jordan's wedding photographer (Jen Beeson) saying she was in need of a second shooter for their wedding (long story...)! I was 6.5 months pregnant but I said yes and two days later I showed up at Ellenbrook in Elk Garden ready to photograph their wedding! Really it was that day that began our friendship. I've loved getting to know them! Photography is obviously a big part of our friendship but things like loving Jesus, enjoying good food, loving SWVA, and traveling adds so much to it! 

Fast forward 2 years and now these two are expecting their first little baby! Jordan + Heather were in town visiting family for the weekend so we had a spontaneous little beloved maternity session to document such an exciting time in their lives! (Jordan also brought along a fun little trinket called a prism so I got to try it and get some neat, creative shots!) Guys, I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl in a few weeks! I know you all will be amazing parents and that you'll raise her up to love God and to love people! You both are so sweet and so full of joy so I have no doubt that she will be the same way!


Father's Day 2016

This year for Father's Day I decided to go back through all of my photos from the past few months and find my favorites of my favorite three guys...Mike, my dad, and Popaw. These three mean the world to me. They each are so special to me and each have made me a better person over the years. They all love Jesus and they are all such hard workers. 

To my daddy, I will always be your little girl even now that I'm grown up. You have taught me so many things. I know that I get my drive to work hard and run my own business from you. We have the same competitive spirit when it comes to games. I think you won't play Catan because you're afraid I'll beat you! ;] You've taught me to always tithe my money and to give back to Jesus. Thanks for always teaching me to love Jesus, to put Him first, and to marry a man who love Jesus. And thanks for letting me go to the Honor Academy + all those mission changed my life. (Without it I wouldn't have married Mike.) Sometimes I miss being little and going to feed the cows with you in the mornings but I know that soon Ellie will get to go with you and make those memories too. Now that you're Pap, I get to see you love my little girl so much. She already loves checking the cows and chickens with you. You've taught her to swing like a big girl. She loves to give you kisses and squeeze your neck. =] You're the greatest Pap and we love you!

To my Popaw, my best buddy. You've taught me everything I know about gardening and I'm determined to have my garden look as nice as yours one day. I'm so thankful for all the crazy projects you've helped me with and the things you've helped me build (namely my bed and several tables). All the games we've played, the cookies we baked, and the nights I spent with you and Mimi will forever be engrained in my mind. I know Ellie is crazy about you and will get to make all sorts of fun memories with you too. She already loves you so very much and has special things you does with only you (sitting on your stumps under the tree). Thanks for always being there for us. We love you!

To Mike, my Hubs, and Ellie's Daddy, you are my #1. I know we've only been married for about 3 years but I am so thankful for you. Life is so fun by your side. I have loved watching you grow as a man as you've grown as a dad. It really makes me fall even more in love with you. Ellie is crazy about you! She gets so excited to see you when you come home from work and she boo-hoos when you go back after lunch. She loves when you put her on your shoulders and fun around the yard! She adores playing games with you and reading books together. We love cuddling with you and being silly and having fun together. You're the very best fella God could have given us. xoxo