10% of all my profits go to support missions

Each month this may vary in regard to how it is dispersed. For example, one month I may send half of it to a full-time missionary couple while the other half is used to suppose the building of a school in Haiti. This is something I will be praying about and using Godly discernment to be a wise steward of my finances. 

Who am I currently supporting? 

I took these photos in the fall of 2011, just a few months before Sarah and Aulo got married.

I took these photos in the fall of 2011, just a few months before Sarah and Aulo got married.

Meet Aulo and Sarah Wing

I met Sarah and Aulo when I was living in Peru during the fall of 2011. Sarah had just moved to Peru and was staying in Lima for a couple weeks to get different paperwork for living in Peru and for her upcoming marriage to Aulo. You see, Sarah is from the U.S. and Aulo is from Peru. How did they meet? A couple of years ago Sarah's friend, Bethany, from college met a Peruvian man, Nelton, while she was on a mission trips to Iquitos, Peru. They became friends, began dating, and in a couple years time, they got married after a long distance relationship. 

During the summers and over Christmas break, Bethany went to Peru to visit Nelton while working with missionaries there. Enter Aulo. The Christmas before Bethany and Nelton were married, they spent three weeks in Lima together. Nelton stayed with his good friend Aulo while Bethany stayed elsewhere. Since Nelton was living at Aulo's house, the couple spent a good bit of time with Aulo. Aulo was really impressed with Bethany and how she loved the Lord. He told her that if she had any friends she should hook him up. Bethany did just that. 

Sarah had lived in Brazil with her family as missionaries for several years so she spoke fluent Portuguese (it's very similar to Spanish). Bethany knew that Aulo wanted to be in ministry and that Sarah loved missions so she connected them. Aulo and Sarah began emaling each other back and forth, becoming good friends. When September rolled around, Sarah came to Peru to be in Bethany's wedding and to finally meet Aulo. They began their relationship while on the trip. Over the next year and a half, Aulo visited Sarah while she did her student teaching in Brazil then Sarah surprised Aulo on a layover in Lima. Little did she know that she would be more surprised than he was....while spending a few hours together in the airport Aulo proposed to Sarah! 

While in Lima I was able to bless them and do their engagement pictures before Sarah moved to Iquitos to begin working with Bethany and Nelton. On January 8, 2012 they were married in a beautiful ceremony in the jungle! They are now working alongside Bethany and Nelton in Iquitos. They have started a Bible study for young adults to target the local university students. Aulo has begun building relationships with several guys in the area and they are praying that the Lord would open more doors for him to continue sharing Jesus with those guys and others. Sarah and Bethany run a program similar to AWANAS for the kids in the area. They now have a sweet daughter, Xianna, and have just recently welcomed their adorable baby boy, Lincoln, in summer 2016!

Pray for this little family and if you feel led, support them. They are passionate lovers of the Lord who serve Him faithfully in Iquitos. Any support is a blessing to them. If you are interested in supporting them go here. Just make sure to designate "For the ministry of Aulo and Sarah Wing". If you'd like to connect with Sarah and Aulo, receive their newsletters, or find out more information about them and their ministry, please let me know.